Enjoy Jazz à Juan and stay at Le Grand Pavois hotel***

Who has ever dreamed of wandering along the seaside of the Cap d’Antibes, before reaching the festival scene of ” Jazz à Juan “? Along the stage is the Hollywood Boulevard replica with hands imprints made in terra-cotta of Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Dizzie Gillespie and many others stars who played in the Pinède Gould.
Every year, in the heat of July, all the famous jazzmen gather together in this beautiful set for the music lovers enjoyment, with the blue Mediterranean Sea in the background.

How not choosing Le Grand Pavois hotel for destination? A few steps away from the pine forest, this beautiful 3 star-establishment is filled with this New Orleans atmosphere. Built Art deco, it takes us back in the beginning of the XXth century.
package is made for good friends and couples .